What classes and programs are available for children?

Our Kidtown associates welcome children of Members for two hours of complimentary playtime (parent with child and family memberships) each day. Check with your Club on specific age requirements. 

Children ages 6 months and up are welcome to join our aquatics programming. Our youngest tennis players enjoy Tennis Explorers starting at age 3, with racquet sports programming through young adulthood. Youth can work out with a personal trainer whenever you think they are ready – contact your Club for details. Select Clubs also have basketball, soccer, and more. Midtown also hosts summer camps, along with seasonal and school break camps. 

We host special events, such as “Kids Night Out” where Kidtown is open late so parents can enjoy a quiet dinner together. In the summer, we love to invite families to a variety of special events – be sure to subscribe to your Club’s email for more information. 

We also strive to teach your children how to become fitness enthusiasts through our Varsity Certification program. Youth ages 12-13 can take a Varsity Certification 1.0 session that helps them explore the fitness floor and engage in a stimulating class with one of our trained coaches. Varsity Certification 2.0 expands on that training for youth ages 14-15. Youth enjoy independent use of the club at age 16.  

Some clubs require reservations; contact your club for details.